OptiShield Corrosion Protection for Chillers

Preventing Corrosion in Cooling Systems

Conductive fluid cooling circuits containing materials such as copper, brass, and aluminum create an environment for galvanic corrosion. OptiShield coats the metallic surfaces to minimize or eliminate corrosion and in addition provides an unfriendly environment for Algae. "OptiShield" comes in four (4) different formulations for corrosion protection.

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Corrosion Prevention in University Laboratories

Chiller Corrosion Prevention

Michigan State University had corrosion issues within the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Laboratory. Specifically one of their lab chillers had corrosion issues that prevented the chiller unit from operating efficiently. The problem was solved using "OptiShield" from Opti Temp, Inc.

View the Opti Temp video channel on YouTube.com